Palisades Interstate Park

Taken: November 9th, 2015. NikonD3100.\\

“The Palisades are cliffs that follow the western shore of the Hudson River for around 40 miles, from Staten Island to Haverstraw, New York. The name “Palisades” was given to the cliffs because they are formed from vertical columns of rock that look from a distance like a stockade fence, or palisade. (A Native American name for the cliffs was Wee-Awk-En: “rocks-that-look-like-trees.”)”

I hiked the long trail up the cliff. There are multiple trails to hike on your way up as well. The trail I took followed to the left, but met back up with the shore trail on the way back down. There were a couple small water falls that traveled underneath to the right. This time of year, the leaves are all almost fallen, but still very colorful in the woods. Would suggest this trail to anyone, as it wasn’t difficult. A good mile in the woods walk, to out walking along the shore to watch the water foul. You can see New York from across the water, but still be in the woods which attracted me the most.


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