Black-Capped Chickadee.


Wildcat Hawk Watch, Rockaway NJ. Nikon D3100.\\

This has been my favorite trail for quite some time now. Friday I had an experience I had never assumed would happen. As I went up the trail, I realized I was the only one hiking, being it was very quite. I got to the top, there was a small breeze and the sun was shining so perfectly. The only difference was when I got to the top was it was loud. Not loud as in people talking, loud as in birds singing to each other. There had to be about 20 up there singing back and forth. So me being the bird lover I am, I sang back to them. They soon got comfortable with me and came closer. I brought peanuts and  berries to feed them, then they started landing on me. There is a special meaning behind the bird to me, what a beautiful mesmerizing feeling that I had been looking for.


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