Peak View.


Panorama. Stairway to Heaven. Vernon, NJ. Nikon D3100.\\

Yesterday I hiked Stairway to Heaven in Vernon, New Jersey. It wasn’t the first time I was here, but it was defiantly the best time. I parked off of 517 and just hiked the mountain. Across the street they have the farm at the end of  “The Boardwalk” trail, as many call it.  You start your hike and follow the white trail all the way up to get to the peak. Its mildly strenuous, would not advise an amateur hiker to take this trail.

It was hot and still in the woods, when I got to the top it was about 40 mph winds. Everything was pretty much dry in the woods, so the bugs were swarming. Remember to bring bug spray while taking this hike I can defiantly say.

If you were to start from the boardwalk, its about a 7.3 mile hike there and back all together. Very well worth the travel, especially since you get to pet cows.

  All in all this is a fantastic hike.


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